Look Who's Freediving!
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Look Who's Freediving!


Garrett 'GMac' McNamara

Garrett McNamara entered the Guinness Book of World Records In November 2011 after successfully...

riding an astonishing 78ft (24m) wave in Nazare, Portugal. This extreme athlete fully embodies the waterman. A passionate conservationist, Garret & his wife Nicole organize community events on their worldwide travels sharing both their love for water-sports and ocean education.


FII was honored to be contacted by Garrett's team as they began preparations for the 2013 season in search of the holy grail 100ft wave. Martin Stepanek, assisted by Ryan McInnis, traveled to Nazare for a 10 day training program providing the FII Waterman Survival Extended Program and on-site support. The goal was to increase Garrett's breath-hold confidence and his teams knowledge of properly handling breath-hold related incidents.


"My confidence is so much greater now. I just went over the falls on one of the biggest waves I've ever paddled up and using the techniques I've learned from Martin made it enjoyable. I really enjoyed the pounding. I always say that I love wipe-outs, and now they are even more enjoyable. That's pretty scary!.


I recommend the FII Waterman Survival course to anybody who enters the water. If you are engaging in some heavy water sports, then it is ESSENTIAL. Do yourself a favor. Take the FII Waterman Survival Course." - Garrett McNamara, World Record Big Wave Surfer


Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton & Martin Stepanek, Nazare || FII Waterman Survival || Freediving courses with FII www.freedivinginstructors.com

Martn Stepanek, Garrett McNamara & Andrew Cotton in Nazare, Portugal




Pro Surfer


A professional surfer hailing from the North Shore of Hawaii, Jamie O'Brien's bigger than life personality combined with his phenomenal athletic talents have seen him spending much of his life in the spotlight.


Jamie Obrien & Mark Lozano || FII Waterman Survival Courses with FII (Freediving Instructors International) www.freedivinginstructors.com

Whether winning a highly revered surfing  title, or shooting a reality TV show. The "Who is J.O.B." star reminds us constantly that he lives by a simple motto: Live life to the fullest. Jamie recently jumped in on the FII Level 1 Freediver course in California with FII Instructor Trainer, Mark Lozano. Here's what he had to say after the course:


"Before I took the F.I.I class I wasn't sure of my breath-holding skills. I surf some of the biggest and best waves in the world. Now I feel so much more confident about surfing big waves, and being in real bad situations. The breathing techniques taught during this class have helped me in so many different ways with my freediving and spearfishing -  it has taken me to all kinds on new levels. Thank you so much Mark and F.I.I."

Aloha, Jamie O'Brien


Check out Jamie O'Briens YouTube Channel!






Model, Actress, Official Moulin Rouge Dancer

 freediving showgirl Alexandra Freeman FII courses www.freedivinginstructors.comCurrently performing in Donn Arden’s Jubilee!, Alexandra is one of the last true Las Vegas showgirls. Originally from the Bay Area in California, she trained at the San Francisco Ballet School while attending Lycée Internationale Franco-Americaine. Alex then moved to Salt Lake City where she performed soloist and principal roles as a member of Utah Ballet at the University of Utah. She graduated with a B.F.A. in Ballet magna cum laude before moving to Las Vegas. There she began her professional career as a member of the corps de ballet with Nevada Ballet Theater under the direction of James Canfield. Alex has performed with San Francisco Ballet, Ballet West, and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Her passion for freediving began 6 months ago when she saw the IMAX documentary Freedive featuring World Record Freediver, Tanya Streeter. She completed her Level 1 Freedive course with Mark Lozano and Brandon Gross in San Diego, California. Bitten hard by the freedive bug, she headed to Kona three months later where she completed Level 2 Freediver course under the instruction of Kurt Chambers. After freediving only 5 times in her life – always under the guidance of an FII Instructor -  Alex reached 100 feet/30 meters in Honaunau Bay, surrounded by a pod of spinner dolphins.

    dancer and popular Las Vegas sho





Olympic Trainer, Martin Stepaneks Trainer


catCat is a Movement Specialist. He has trained numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medalists, offering training and recovery support to his clientele during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  His clientele spans Professional athletes, Gold medal winners, World Record Holders, CEOs, amateur athletes and everyday people who simply want a pain-free, healthy-feeling body and an active lifestyle. Cat draws from a lifetime of movement study that includes martial arts, dance, Pilates, Plyometrics, and Meridian Stretching (RFST) to transform his clients’ performance and movement.








Pro Surfer, Pro Wakeboarder

Meet the ultimate adrenaline junkie, well known pro-wakeboarder, Jeff Weatherall. Growing up in New Zealand

this multi-talented waterman is also a pro-surfer riding on the ASP’s World Qualifying Series.  Known for his all out obsession with extreme sports including surfing Hawaii’s Waimea Bay, Jeff sort out FII’s freediving program to further his in-water breathhold comfort in preparation for the big wave season…essentially discovering yet another avenue to push himself to the extreme!

This ultimate waterman defines his limits by never accepting any. Visit www.jeffweatherall.com for more information.











Left to right: Martin Stepanek, Jeff Weatherall, Jessie Hellman, Greg Weatherall, Niki Roderick

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