Why F.I.I.?
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Why F.I.I.?


F.I.I. is the leading freediving certification agency in the United States with significant and on-going growth seen in both Europe and the Middle East. So, what is behind this dominating growth?


Highly Effective Programs All F.I.I. course curricular have been designed and written by 13 Time Freediving World Record Holder and F.I.I. founder, Martin Stepanek. Martin comes from a strong background in Sports Physiology educated at the prestigious Charles University, Prague and has worked with top researchers at Harvard University on applied freediving physiology studies. His passion for discovering the most effective training methods for his own performances carried over into his teaching philosophy: train smart, not hard.

F.I.I. courses place a high focus on teaching students the most effective skills and key knowledge to confidently and safely freedive up to their specific course level. This efficient teaching method yields the most effective and comfortable learning experience for students.F.I.I. Freediving Instructor & Student


Standardized Teaching System All F.I.I. Instructors are trained to teach using the exact same method from the way the course is set-up, to presentations and practical training methods. This standardized teaching system ensures quality is guaranteed. If you browse the  'F.I.I. Course Testimonials'  you will notice a trend in the way students highlight the instructors level of knowledge, teaching abilities and freediving skills - this is a direct result of the highly effective F.I.I. instructor training system.


Marketing and Business Support  F.I.I. provides the highest level of marketing and business support to all teaching professionals. F.I.I. is the only dive training agency in the world offering a full service 'Online Instructor Portal' where instructors effortlessly manage their entire teaching business. This exclusive service is included in the annual F.I.I. membership fee.


Professional Growth F.I.I. heavily promotes and supports continuous education. For F.I.I. professionals, this means an on-going flow of exciting new course offerings to keep existing cliental and attract new demographics.


Join the growing league of F.I.I. freediving professionals sharing safe, effective freediving education throughout the world!


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