Turn Around and Look
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Turn Around and Look


markwSeptember 18. 2011

Turn Around and Look

by Mark Wallerstein

Lately I have been noticing more and more Freedivers and Scuba Divers alike coming out of the water stressed or aggravated after a day of diving. I understand with the way things are time spent in the water has decreased for many. In turn this has made hitting those new depths, spearing the big one, or even bagging the limit that much more important on each dive. Unlike before, it may be a week, 2 weeks, or even longer until you’re to get back in the water to catch that bragging rights fish, or a full bag of lobster.

09-18-11If you have noticed that you’re one of the people coming out of the water stressed I ask you to truly look at what you are doing. You have just spent a day out on and in the water. Instead of sitting in a cubical, doing paper work, or staring at a computer you were underwater living one of your passions. In a world that not many people get to do what they truly enjoy and love you are. You are lucky enough to be spending time in a world that most others will never be fortunate enough to even visit. It just so happened that on that day you were fated to be unfortunate and not get what you were looking for, it happens to all of us. I can pretty much guarantee that the water you were just in will be there the next day, and the day after with plenty of fish in it.

I myself became a stressed diver at one point. Through the entire lobster season in Florida last year, which is a long time, I bagged only two lobsters. It just so happened that I was either working or not able to get into the water entirely for weeks running. The few fun dives I was able to do, I either couldn’t find them or bag them. It ended up taking one of my good friends to point out to me that I was leaving the water in a negative mood. It was a rather big eye opener for me. Now if I am out of the water for an extended period of time, or if I start leaving unhappy because I didn’t reach my new depth or catch anything I will leave my lobster or spear gear on the boat for the next dive. I will enter the water with only the basics and take the time to really relax, look around, and think about how lucky I am to be able to live my passion. I have actually noticed that if I do this I will be much more relaxed on my next dive. It will sometimes make my next breath hold easier and help me reach the new depth. If lobstering I also tend to bring out more dinner on that next dive.

So next time you find yourself aggravated exiting the water, turn around and look behind you. Look at that body of water you just spent the day in, and think; do I really have any reason that I should be aggravated right now…?

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