Freediving Specialty Courses - Waterman Survival and more
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Freediving Specialty Courses - Waterman Survival and more


Waterman Survival℠ Course (WMC)

Training utilized by Champion Big Wave Surfers Garrett McNamara & Andrew Cotton, US Navy Seals, Pro-Surfers Jamie O'Brien, Jeff Wetherall, and many more...FII Breathhold Training for Surfers & Extreme Watermen. Take the FII Waterman Survival Course! To learn more about FII freediving courses go to

In September 2012, F.I.I.'s Director of Education Martin Stepanek took the FII Waterman Survival course to Praia de Norte, Portugal where he trained Big Wave Surfing Champion Garrett McNamara and his safety team. Martin utilized this experience to finely tune new safety techniques, and went so far as to successfully test them himself in 20ft waves (see right).  This course provides groundbreaking information changing the confidence and safety of extreme watermen worldwide.


"The knowledge that Martin Stepanek (FII) has about human physiology and how to apply it is invaluable to anyone who enters the water. In the big wave arena safety is finally becoming the number one priority and everyone can feel safer after the FII Waterman Survival Course. It only makes sense that as surfers we would look to the expertise of a sport that entails long breath holds and possible blackouts." - Garrett McNamara


Any experienced waterman, from surfers, rescue swimmers, lifeguards and whitewater kayakers will easily recall at least one moment in their lives when the power of Mother Nature's ultimate force has pushed them to their limits. Gasping for breath, they reached the surface feeling there was nothing else to give…or was there? During this groundbreaking course, your FII certified Waterman Survival Instructor will dispel common misconceptions and get to the bottom of the true urge to breathe.  Participants learn how to retrain the urge to breathe increasing their CO2 tolerance and breath-hold while learning key specialized safety protocols to effectively manage victims of breath-hold related incidents in extreme conditions. This course has set  a new standard of waterman safety training worldwide.


The WMC course is run over 1 day with a minimum of 4hrs academics and 2hrs pool drills.FII Breathhold Training for Surfers & Extreme Watermen. Take the FII Waterman Survival Course! To learn more about FII freediving courses go to


Waterman Survival℠ Extended (WME)  - The extended version of the Waterman Survival Course also incorporates the FII Level 1 Freediver certification course thus allowing us to add-on a series of advanced open water depth drills. With the FII Level 1 certification completed, the Waterman Survival training jumps up a few notches and into a more serious and realistic open-water environment where students are taken through drills simulating high-stress underwater disorientation training and safety scenarios - this version is not for the faint-hearted. This is the ultimate waterman safety training experience.


The WME course is usually run over 3 days with 9hrs academics, 3hrs pool drills and 2hrs open water depth drills. If you are already a FII certified freediver, please contact your WMS Instructor for a reviewed schedule & pricing on the extended version.


The WMS and WME courses are designed for experienced waterman with a medium-high level of in-water comfort and of excellent health and fitness.


To find your nearest Waterman Survival or Waterman Survival Extended Instructor go to the FII Instructor Locator and use the drop-down menu for 'Professional Rating:'.




Introduction to Monofin


FII Learn to Monofin Program! Finswimming training for freedivers! Learn more about FII freediving courses at www.freedivinginstructors.comNot only is the monofin an energy efficient tool for freediving, but more and more people are selecting it for fitness! This is one of the most effective ways to tone up the torso and lower body, all the while doing something enjoyable!

FII Learn to Monofin Program! Finswimming training for freedivers! Learn more about FII freediving courses at

Our unique compressed training program is your introduction to mastering the correct monofin training techniques. Beginning with the correct equipment selection, this course takes you through the bio-mechanics of monofin technique and targeted stretching, before hitting the pool for in-water technique development. With the unique combination of dry land exercises, pool development skills and video technique review, this rewarding program is recommended for everyone interested in learning the correct technique development drills.


This is a specialized program developed by competitive finswimmer and World Record Freediver, Martin Stepanek.




Basic Freediving Safety Course

Utilized by many spearfishing clubs as a minimum participation requirement and now coming to high schools!


The information in this course may save your buddy, husband, son, or daughter’s life.


What is the first and most significant sign of a freediver encountering latent hypoxia during freediving or also known as shallow water blackout? What would you do if this happens to your buddy? How can you minimize the chances of this happening? What are the correct safety procedures?  When handled incorrectly Latent Hypoxia during freediving can lead to death.FII Basic Freediving Safety Course. This course should be a min. requirement for all breathhold activities. Learn more at

The Basic Freediving Safety course will not teach you how to freedive, but it is designed to familiarize students with the proper freediving supervision and basic safety and rescue procedures used in recreational freediving.  This essential basic information is paramount learning for everyone involved in spearfishing and freediving activities. Whether as a spearfisherman without any formal freediving education, spouse of a spearfisherman or freediver, or newbie interested in getting into breathhold activities such as spearfishing but not yet ready to dedicate the time and money to a full freediving course.

 This course has proved popular in Spearfishing Clubs around the United States as minimum certification for club membership.

 This course has a lowered minimum age requirement of 12 years old with parental consent consent to make it accessible to the younger generations developing a keen interest in spearfishing or freediving activities.

This course should be looked upon as a minimum requirement for everyone participating in any form of freediving activities.



Apnea Freediving Safety Training. Become a safe freediver with FII (Freediving Instructors International). Learn more at

Advanced Freediving Safety Course


The advanced freediving safety course takes freediving safety training to the next level. This course prepares students for advanced freediving safety set-ups such as counter-ballast system operations for deep diving, safety freediver positions and training in official freediving competitions and spearfishing events, managing variable ballast training, operating in two-man deep safety diver team and more. The course consists of academic and practical open water training.


Entry pre-requisites: certified Level 1 or Level 2 Freediver.


This course is a mandatory pre-requisite for entry into all F.I.I. Professional Certification courses.




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