Improve Your Freediving
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Improve Your Freediving

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For some people, freediving has been apart of their life for many years, either as a dedicated spearfisherman or freediver. Although we recommend all students to take the Level 1 course since it is a comprehensive introduction to the foundation of F.I.I. techniques & knowledge, you may wish to bypass this course and enter directly into our Level 2 course.


To attend the Level 2 course we highly recommend participants to be confident with breathhold techniques, the correct use of freediving specific equipment and to have a high level of watermanship skills and comfort. The student must also be familiar with basic freediving specific techniques such as the one or two legged water entries, kicking from the hips with long blade fins, spitting the snorkel out before immersion and basic freediving safety protocols.  A student with this skills already mastered will easily absorb the flush of new information provided during the Level 2 course.


There is no one specific technique that will make you a better freediver, our system is so successful because each technique accomplishes a specific piece of the puzzle. Our carefully developed system is designed to successfully train you in the skills and techniques of that particular level. If you are unsure if you are ready to enter the Level 2 course, please contact your instructor to discuss this option further.


Level 3 Improve2

The Level 3 course is open to FII Level 2 freedivers or equivalent certification. Throughout this course the participant is introduced to advanced training techniques offering you a complete understanding of how to change your physiology to become a better freediver. The course focuses on freediving training methods, deep equalization techniques, FRC dives, variable weight training and more. The maximum depth of this course is 60 meters.

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