Don't Get Burned Out
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Don't Get Burned Out


markJuly 19. 2011

Don't Get Burned Out

by Mark Lozano

Now that summer is here, it is easy to get caught up in all of the fun outdoor activities, and rightfully so! For those of us who are always active we can over do it at times, and near the end of the season, it will catch up to us.

I began training for my first triathlon several weeks ago. I set the standards low, a nice easy Iron Man 70.3. Training for this has become my second job. It is difficult at times to know when and how to pace myself, especially when I am so close to reaching one of my goals. However, I know that if I maintain pace, I will come away injury free and will have more energy to keep working later. Swimming, biking, and running, all in the same day, where does this give me time for all of the other fun things we get to do in the summer? Well, it doesn’t really. So I break it up most of the time, so that I have the energy to go surf, spearfishing, hang out with friends, or even just take my girlfriend on a date.

On top of all of this, I teach freediving three to four times a month during our peak season here in California. Sound like I may be pushing myself a little hard? Well, those of us who have completed the Level 2 course are familiar with CBS GONE, to make sure we don’t push ourselves to blacking out on our dives. I’ve devised a similar acronym for burning yourself out: SPENT FM

Sore- is your body consistently in pain from over exertion?

Personal Relationships- Is your personal life suffering from you never being around?

Exhaustion- Are you always tired or feeling weak?

Neglect- Does your pet or anyone else resent you because they never see you?

Timing- Are you beginning to show up late to things that you didn’t before?

Friends- When is the last time you hung out with your friends?

Memory- Are you forgetting important things that you would normally never forget?

Ask yourself these questions once a week, and decide if you should keep on with what you’ve been doing, or if you need to change something to avoid the dreaded BURNOUT.


‘Till next time, dive safe!

Mark Lozano

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