11th Annual FII Kona Freediving Camp

Oct. 20–27, 2018; Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Register at martin.freedivinginstructors.com

Join us for our 11th Annual FII Kona Freeiving Camp in beautiful Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The camp includes six days of depth-focused training with thirteen-time world record freediver, Martin Stepanek, and his team. Martin’s expert guidance, which includes top to bottom dive reviews, has boosted many of FII’s top freedivers’ and instructors’ careers. Our instructors are on-hand throughout all sessions to provide personal dive overviews for all levels of freedivers, from L1 to world record level; this service provides unbeatable results. The camp strongly promotes camaraderie,and the easy dive set-up located in a picturesque bay allows everyone to enjoy a great vibe while pursuing their own goals.

Throughout the week there will be large animal offshore freediving trips, which allow freedivers to learn how to interact with large marine life on breath-hold through specialized marine interaction techniques. The blue water boat adventures indulge underwater photographers and marine lovers as they are allowed to swim with some of the world’s top game fish and marine mammals in crystal clear, warm, blue water.

The week is non-stop, as campers jump between depth training, boat trips, meetings, and freediving clinics, and the midway beach day BBQ is a welcome respite to kick back and soak in the tropical palms and white, sandy beaches. The BBQ features a delicious spread of organic, locally sourced ingredients, including fresh wild island meats and organic heirloom vegetables direct from the slopes of Hualalai.

This fun week of freediving is ideal for individuals, families, and groups of all levels. The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the top freediving destinations in the world, and it’s guaranteed you’ll stay busy exploring both underwater and on land. The Big Island boasts eleven of the world’s thirteen climate zones. From tropical cloud forests and barren lava fields to magnificent waterfalls and 14,000-foot mountain peaks, the Big Island of Hawaii is one of the most spectacular islands on this planet.

Brief Overview

Oct 20 – Opening meeting at 5 p.m.

Oct 21 – First depth training day, Freediving with Marine Life clinic

Oct 22 – Depth training, blue water marine trip #1, and training video reviews

Oct 23 – Freediving Training clinic, depth training, and social gathering in the evening

Oct 24 – Beach BBQ day

Oct 25 – Depth training, blue water marine trip #2

Oct 26 – Depth training, including variable weight training

Oct 27 – Final depth training and closing events


The final day-to-day schedule will be sent out two months prior to the camp. This will include the daily schedule, locations, driving directions, meeting times, what to bring, and all other trip information.


You will have most afternoons to explore the island as our diving and boat trips are usually completed by 1pm.


Recommended Travel Dates

Arrive in Kona on October 20th by 4 p.m. If you wish to adapt to the local conditions and shake off any jetlag, feel free to arrive a day or two early. This will certainly benefit your depth training.


Depart on October 28th at any time. You could depart on Oct 27th in the evening, but you’ll miss a fun evening in Kona.



All camp attendees will be limited to the maximum depth of their certification:

FII level 1 freedivers – Up to 66 feet/20 meters

FII level 2 freedivers – Up to 131 feet/40 meters

FII level 3 freedivers – Unlimited depth


Keep in mind you will be training in the best conditions with the best trainers in the world.  Many FII freedivers far exceed their expectations, so if deep diving is your goal, then you should seriously consider increasing your certification level prior to the camp week. FII instructors will be offering courses directly prior to the camp. If you would like to upgrade your FII certification prior to the camp, drop us an email at stepanek@freedivinginstructors.com. 


What to Bring

You should plan on bringing all your regular freediving equipment (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, weights, and accessories [nose clip, neck weight, monofin])—if you use these accessories.  There are several dive shops in town that rent small weights; however, if you can fit them in your luggage, you’ll save on rental fees.

Additional items: camera, rain jacket, hat with a tie (for boat trips), sunblock, reusable water bottle with a clip, and any personal medications


What’s Included

The camp cost covers the week’s depth training with world record freediver Martin Stepanek, specialized freediving clinics, and the BBQ. It does not include the optional boat trips, accommodation, car rental, and food or beverages at other social gatherings.



$750.00 full price

$200.00 deposit

This deposit secures your position in the camp and is due at registration.

The remaining balance will be due on July 1st, 2018.


For more information, please feel free to contact us at Stepanek@freedivinginstructors.com or 808-212-0012 (HST).


Trip and Dive Insurance

Divers Alert Network (DAN) offers both trip insurance and dive medical insurance for just $125.00 per year. Buy your coverage today at www.diversalertnetwork.org. All freedivers should be a member of DAN.


Accommodation and Car Rental

We recommend browsing VRBO.com for a compatible housing option for your stay. Ideally, attendees should stay within the Kona District because this allows for convenient access to all of the event sites. If you prefer to sleep in a cooler climate, take a look at Holualoa and the lovely artists’ district. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle and eating out, staying somewhere along Alii Drive should suit your needs. We usually recommend staying no further north than Kona Palisades subdivision, and no further south than Honaunau. That said, the most convenient area will be within Kona town. 


Rental cars are a necessity on the Big Island because our public transportation system is very poor. You can usually find the best rates at www.orbitz.com; you should also keep a lookout for any accommodation and car combo deals at www.hotwire.com.