Freediving: FII Blog Niki Stepanek

by Niki Stepanek - July 22nd

Freedivers Diet - The Right Fuel

As a competitive freediver and avid outdoor athlete, I’m often asked, "What do freedivers eat?" For the body to become balanced, it requires the right fuel. To function at peak capacity, it takes a more dedicated approach to fueling, and the timing of that fuel intake is critical.

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Freediving: FII Blog Oliver Haroun

by Oliver Haroun - July 16th

Prevent Muscle Cramps

We see quite a few students and seasoned divers suffering with muscle cramps and thought maybe we could inform our followers about prevention. The summer is here and many of us spend hours in the water exerting ourselves without drinking.

Most muscle cramps are caused by dehydration (lack of water). Your body is good at keeping things in balance as long as you get enough water. But sometimes you need more than h2o.

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