Freediving: FII Blog Errol Putigna

Napsal Errol Putigna - March 02nd

The Most Efficient Way to Boat Fish and Share Stories!

I was recently in the Bahamas on a trip of a lifetime! To say the trip was epic would be an understatement. As always, the objective of my spearfishing trips is that everyone goes home to their loved ones. After all, what is a fish story if you can’t tell it?

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Freediving: FII Blog Cat Fitzgerald

Napsal Cat Fitzgerald - November 25th

True Flexibility

Did you know:

“We are supposed to peak athletically between the ages of 35-45; not in our teens.”

“True flexibility is cumulative and permanent.”

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Freediving: FII Blog Mark Lozano

Napsal Mark Lozano - September 25th

Cold Water Equalization

Equalization in cold water is inherently more difficult than equalizing in warm water. I’ve noticed that the number of students having equalization problems is tremendously larger here in California than in Florida

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