Freediving: FII Blog Brandon Gross

by Brandon Gross - May 21st

5 Tips for Equalizing

FII is an amazing freediving education program that teaches how to enjoy the underwater world with more comfort and safety. Last year I had the pleasure of teaching over 100 people how to freedive, many of them reaching course maximums diving 20 meters and holding their breath for 3 minutes. 

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Freediving: FII Blog Sobonna Ong

by Sobonna Ong - April 30th

Freedive Training for the Busy Professional: Make the most of your workday!

As a busy office-bound professional, I have the challenge of juggling work and other obligations along with my freediving passion. With limited time, I have to make every training session count! While the topic of training efficiency is very broad, I'll share with you some personal tips that I incorporate into my typical workday.

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Freediving: FII Blog Errol Putigna

by Errol Putigna - March 18th

Freediving…. To breathe or not to breathe?

To be honest, both are correct at the right moments. As freedivers and spearos, we're always looking for different ways to improve our breath-hold. But how often do we seek to be better breathers and to really take advantage of the benefits of proper breathing? I mean, really? We breathe about 30,000 times per day!

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