Freediving: FII Blog Errol Putigna

by Errol Putigna - July 19th

Freediving ...what a drag!

I’ve been reading a lot about elite Olympic swim athletes such as Michael Phelps and Dara Torres. Even at their elite levels,their coaches are constantly focusing on technique and their movement through the water. Well, we as freedivers also move through the water and need to be concerned about being efficient and creating less drag. Drag is the freediver’s enemy. It makes us work harder resulting in more oxygen consumption and ult

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Freediving: FII Blog Brandon Gross

by Brandon Gross - June 08th

Freediving & Water

As freedivers, we are passionate about water. It frees our bodies from the weight of gravity and our minds from everything else. It also holds us captive when we are not diving, making us yearn for the next time we can be immersed. Equally important to the water we dive in is the water that we ingest to keep ourselves hydrated.

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Freediving: FII Blog Cat Fitzgerald

by Cat Fitzgerald - May 02nd

The Gift

We all train, yet, most of us miss its hidden gifts. We tend to look at training as the gift and other things, such as a better body and less stress, as nice, secondary benefits. Training with only these goals is Sisyphean, a dead end. Inherent in any training is a deeper level of work at whichpoint, while we work to grow and evolve into that next physical level, we are actually train f

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