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Napsal Cat Fitzgerald - May 25th

Quantity vs. Quality

This month we are going to do an exercise. I was trying to figure out how to discuss two topics that will follow in the next two segments. Doing this exercise is the intro to those topics and will allow us to delve into them much more deeply and effectively.

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Freediving: FII Blog Cat Fitzgerald

Napsal Cat Fitzgerald - March 25th

Brain and Body

"In order to make a leap in consciousness a soul must match appropriate behavior with a harmonious point of view” I can’t remember who said that or where I got it and some quick searches rendered no answers.

A theme has emerged over the last month; Internal and external, Yin and Yang, Om and Yom, Brain and Body. Solely living in one world or the other happily is unsustainable and unsatisfying.

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Napsal FII - February 09th

2015 FII Tenerife Freediving Camp

Welcome to the FII Tenerife Freediving Camp 2015! This camp is a way for you to train in one of the most desirable freediving locations in the world while receiving some of the best freediving instruction offered!

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