Freediving: FII Blog Martin Stepanek

by Martin Stepanek - September 26th

Got Lube?

I have always believed the most important piece of a freediver's equipment is the wetsuit. I'm sure those of you who use proper freediving wetsuits can testify to this belief and will never go back to anything else. Those of you who don't have one, or are in the possession of one of those "Wanna be freediving suits" ... you just have no idea what you're missing out on, and how much this changes your freediving experience and performance.

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Freediving: FII Blog Mark Wallerstein

by Mark Wallerstein - April 24th

Surviving the Airport with Your Freediving Gear

Traveling nowadays is difficult, and it only looks to be getting worse, especially with increasing baggage fees.  Unfortunately when we, as freedivers, are traveling we don't just pack clothes, towels, and sunscreen. We bring our freediving fins, masks, snorkels, freediving wetsuits, cameras, spearguns.... All of which are usually large, expensive

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Freediving: FII Blog Brandon Gross

by Brandon Gross - May 21st

5 Tips for Equalizing

FII is an amazing freediving education program that teaches how to enjoy the underwater world with more comfort and safety. Last year I had the pleasure of teaching over 100 people how to freedive, many of them reaching course maximums diving 20 meters and holding their breath for 3 minutes. 

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