Fluid Goggles - Lenses & Instructions

Fluid Goggles - Lenses & Instructions
Fluid Goggles - Lenses & Instructions
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These are specialized correction lenses for use in fluid goggles. Each order comes with two lenses to make your own fluid goggles.

We offer you the opportunity to make your own personalized fluid goggles for ultimate underwater vision! Everyone's face is different, so why pay big money for fluid goggles that won’t even offer you the best underwater and topside vision.  Make it personal, make your own.


There are many ways to fix these lenses inside of regular swimming goggles but you should always obey these rules:


1. Get goggles with flat lenses (inside and outside) and preferably with adjustable nose bridge. Make sure they are “deep” enough so the correction lenses won't touch your eye when you wear them. 

2. Make small brackets from pieces of acrylic tubing (slightly smaller diameter than lenses) to attach the lenses inside the goggles.

3.  Make sure that you use sealant from an Aquarium store since regular hardware sealant gives off acetic acid in it while it cures and after. Ask for Aquarium Sealant. 

4.  Carefully set the interpupillary distance when gluing the lenses in and don't change it. 

5.  There MUST be an air gap (of any size) between the forward facing curve of the lens and the flat surface of the goggle. Just a few hundredths of mm is enough but there MUST not be contact between the lens and the goggles. 

6.  Avoid applying any glue (even optical adhesives) or clear plastic directly on correction lens since it will decrease the quality of vision tremendously by creating halos and prismatic effects. 

7.  To fill the fluid goggles, you can use either a contact lens solution (such as Unisol4) or simply seawater. ALWAYS make sure the goggles are completely free of air pockets before use.



Now I had two brackets to go on opposite sides of each lens.

To aid in gluing in these brackets we assembled each lens with their tube stand pair with a tiny dental/orthodontic rubber band and then glued the entire assembly into the goggle by sighting through the lens and making sure that the “crosshairs" that we had drawn on the goggles for the pupil location was exactly in the center of the lens, then putting the silicone in place above and below the tube bracket


Good luck!

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