F.I.I. Training Float

F.I.I. Training Float
F.I.I. Training Float F.I.I. Training Float F.I.I. Training Float F.I.I. Training Float
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The F.I.I. Training Floats are our most popular proshop item! Used by freediving professionals worldwide, these high-end freedive training floats have been specially designed for freedive teaching rigs and depth training set-ups. Don't forget, the inner tube needs to be purchased separately.

The F.I.I custom made, freediving float covers are made of a sturdy rubberized nylon and have a convenient double zip design offering plenty of inner storage room for lines and water bottles. The underside features a reinforced webbing strap securing a solid stainless steel D-Ring for line attachment and a conveniently placed narrow nylon webbing strap circumnavigates the diameter of the float with small loops. The loops around the outside are used by freedivers to hold onto during their “breath ups”,  and to attach additional accessories. The inner tubes need to be purchased separately either from the FII Pro Shop, or at your local tire store.

New design updates for 2016: The new design has two zips with a velcro end, the crescent zip has now been discontinued. The new layout also offers additional pockets for gels, Afrin, car key, etc.

What else do I need for my depth training set-up?

* Inner Tube -  Make sure it is fully inflated, it should fill the entire training float inner! See pictures for proper inflation. Measurement is approx 12" / 13". Inner tubes are sold separately.

* Weight - For most training set-ups, we recommend attaching a 25lb weight. This can be formed using dive weights, kettle bell, etc.

* Line - We recommend using a minimum 3/8th-inch line that is double braided with a nylon interior. The line should also be what is called a static line. What this means is if you add weight to it the line won't stretch. Docking line is our preferred recommendation.

* Dive Flag - Check your local DLNR regulations!

* Carabiner - To attach the line and float.

Care and Maintenance:   Rinse your float in fresh water after each use and store deflated, out of direct sunlight. While the float outer is extremely durable, we do not recommend dragging it over rocks.

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