Captain Nemo Powerblades

Captain Nemo Powerblades
Captain Nemo Powerblades Captain Nemo Powerblades
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Superior fiberglass fin blades with extremely fast response (100micron high pressure compressed material!!!).

Waterway fiberglass is extremely durable, and this is because Waterway uses the 'high pressure pressed' fiberglass method as opposed to the cheaper and much weaker, 'vacuum pressed' fiberglass option; the HPP fiberglass will not change its properties (snap) with normal use whereas the VP does with each use. Waterway backs this with a guarantee that their fins will not change properties up to 2000 kilometers of use. Though the distance is more relatable for fin swimmers, for us freedivers this literally means a lifetime of diving.

Captain Nemo Blades can fit any standard foot pocket design. Unless otherwise requested, these fins will arrive without holes (to secure to the foot pocket). You will need to drill two holes in the fiberglass to fit your favourite foot pocket, and use a rubber attachment set (around $7.00) to secure the fin.

Martin Stepanek Prefers Captain Nemo Freediving Fins!

                                                                                                LIST OF USA RETAILERS


US East Coast 

  • Florida Freedivers          Ph: 561-848-0636  (Newly stocked! Blades only or Full Sets)



  • Austins Diving Center    Ph: 305-665-0636 



  • Pompano Dive Center    Ph: 954-788-0208 



  • Spearfishing World         Ph: 305-827-4929          



  • Nautalis Spearfishing      Ph: 305-610-3005



US West Coast

  • James and Joseph         Ph: 619-295-3705



  • Dive Addicts                  Ph: 801-572-5111 (Blades only)


                                                   Watch Martin Stepanek Freedive to 70 meters Using Captain Nemo Freediving Fins!

Review of Stiffness Options

Stiffness #1 (Soft) - These are the blade of choice for most girls.  They are ideal for recreational freediving up to around 66ft and perfect for freediving on reefs, marine interactions or spending a lot of time on the surface swimming. Con - lack of burst speed.

Stiffness#2 (Medium)- This is a very universal blade. You'll notice most FII Instructors are using this blade as they offer a nice snap for increased speed, but still soft enough to keep your legs fresh during a long session of deep repetitive freedives. This is Martin Stepanek's go-to blade for teaching, spearfishing and recreational freediving. He has also comfortably taken this fin to 91 meters during the XTB World Record training day!

Stiffness #3 (Hard) - We have classified as the stiff fin, although there is one stiffness higher, this is really as high as we recommend. It is ideal for deep divers 100ft +,  strong legs or freedivers needing to push a bigger surface area through the water. This fin is not recommended for those who do a lot of surface swimming.

Stiffness #4 (Extra Hard)-  Although applicable to the fin swimming arena, we feel this fiberglass option is too stiff forCaptain Nemo Freediving Fins || Freediving courses with FII (Freediving Instructors International). www.freedivinginstructors.com freediving purposes.

Fiberglass Color

Most retailers are selecting the black colored fiberglass as it is universally more popular, and while there is no difference in the properties of these blades, some people prefer the yellow because it is raw and unaltered state (no dye).  If you are interested in the yellow blades, you may need to request a special order from your nearest retailer.


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