Center-Mount Snorkel - Classic

Center-Mount Snorkel - Classic
Center-Mount Snorkel - Classic
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Eliminate the need to breathe during your monofin training drills and focus on what is important during your technique development.

The 'Classic' version is the most popular choice for all round activities.

Lenght 48cm, Diameter 25mm,

Color: Blue

Sprint and long distance versions are available to finswimmers, simply email us, and we will have it delivered to you within 3 weeks.


Reasons we recommend using a frontal snorkel:

  • Most public pools don't allow breath-hold activities unless run by a F.I.I. Certified Instructor.  This rule doesn't affect your monofin training when you & your buddy use a snorkel!
  • You want to put in some hard yards with your monofin to refine technique, but don't want to tire yourself out doing it breath-hold
  • The center-mount snorkel is essential for long ocean swims with a monofin!
  • It is essential if you use a monofin for fitness training


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