Waterway Glide-Fin - Carbon Fiber

Waterway Glide-Fin - Carbon Fiber
Waterway Glide-Fin - Carbon Fiber
Brand: WaterWay
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Glide-fin with the carbon fiber blade offers a lighter fin with a faster reaction time.

Waterway recommends going up one stiffness from your standard fiberglass model with the most popular and general purpose stiffness being stiffness # 3.

This is the pinnacle of the monofin design and the most sort after monofin currently on the market for both competitive freediving and finswimming. The Waterway Glide-fin is a balanced non-axial style fin with comfortable foot pockets for intermediate to experienced freedivers.

Please note these are CUSTOM MADE fins and will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Production time varies from 3 weeks + shipping depending on the backlog of orders and any hold ups at your customs upon entry.  Please consult one of our staff members for more information.


Shipping Cost

Shipping price varies based on your location. Shipping is calculated from Ukraine direct to your destination.  Please provide your full shipping address and we will calculate your shipping rate. We do everything to ensure you recieve the most cost effective rate possible.

Glide Stiffness Guide

For Freedivers

Stiffness 1 =  Very soft  (we believe to be too soft)

Stiffness 2 =  Soft (Ideal for small women or speciality disciplines)

Stiffness 3 =  Medium (Most commonly used fin for all freediving disciplines)

Stiffness 4 =  Hard

Stiffness 5 =  Very Stiff


Glide Fin Sizing Guide

Please submit your foot size in mm.

How to measure your foot:

* Place a solid ruler perpendicular against wall ensuring the start of the ruler measurements are wall side.

* Remove shoes and socks

* Stand on ruler with your left foot, heel flush against the wall

* Take the measurement from the tip of your longest toe

* Repeat with your right foot

* Submit to us BOTH foot measurements along with your desired use (freediving or finswimming)

Waterway will determine your correct foot pocket size based off these measurements.



Proceed with the ordering via our website and we will contact you. In the notes, make sure we clearly see your foot size in mm.

Alternatively, if you have questions before proceeding then you can also call + 1 954 323 2222, or email us at proshop@freedivinginstructors.com. 

We will require the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Shipping Address
  3. Contact cell phone
  4. Your foot size in mm
  5. Fin use (freediving or finswimming)
  6. Stiffness of fin

We understand the Glide monofin is a substantial investment in your freediving equipment, and therefore we want to ensure this order is as smooth as possible. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.

FII Pro Shop - + 1 954 323 2222 (EST)  or email, info@freedivinginstructors.com

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