Girls - Get Freediving! Niki Stepanek

by Niki Stepanek - January 12th

Girls - Get Freediving!

In the United States, freediving is still looked upon primarily as Spearfishing - a man’s sport. Where as in Europe the ladies have been reaping the benefits of this recreational sport for centuries! So, why is this?

Now, I have no desire to convert you all to fish killers, rather I would like to open the door to what freediving means to me and thousands of others. Freediving in its simplest form is mastering the art of breath control and movement underwater; it is interacting within the underwater realm in the most natural way possible. And, as a pleasant side effect, we keep fit, healthy, and eat pretty much whatever we want.

If you browse through all the top workout trends of 2010-2011, you will find a common thread: Interval Training. Whether spinning your way to smaller derriere or Tracy Anderson’ing your way to Paltrowesk thighs. They are all utilizing the rapid and effective results of Interval Training. What most don’t realize is that freediving is pure Interval Training. So, why don’t we consider our weekend freediving as serious IT? Because it didn’t feel like a workout, in fact, it was relaxing! Spinning and other interval training methods are classed as hard-core, sweat-till-you-drop; I want to die kind of workouts. I call these my ‘1 Hit Wonders’, in other words, I went hard, went home and never came back (although really wanted too). I salute all you women out there that love sweating in a tiny room with 30 others listening to thumping house music. You deserve those legs! I'll take the easy option.

Freediving is a girl’s best friend. It specifically targets key problem areas for women (without a personal trainer), plus it calms the mind, de-stresses the skin all the while growing us long, lean muscles. Freediving forces us to master the art of both mind and body control, something we all need to lead happy, balanced lives. The key to getting and maintaining a healthy body is finding a sport or activity that you love…and it’ helps if it doesn’t  feel like a workout ;-) Freediving offers women an easy, complete workout that defines fun and your derriere - no soundtrack needed.

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