Freediving: Our Future……	Errol Putigna

by Errol Putigna - August 17th

Freediving: Our Future……

Even though freediving has been with humanity since day one, freediving is without a doubt one of the fastest growing sports/hobbies in the world - especially with the younger generation.

In the past, I have written blogs on being safe and always diving with a buddy. Nothing has changed with that except that we need to target a new audience; our future, our children (I speak as a father myself).

As we live in a generation of technology and social media, our kids are dreaming of getting the big fish, diving deep and searching for the next adventure (it’s ok… kids need to dream and take some risk… we all have. It’s part of life). What all too often is not expressed (or if it is, they choose to ignore it because they believe to be “invincible”) in the posts they see is the risk that is associated with our sport whether it is the freediving or sea conditions. It is our job as parents and a community to educate our youth and prepare them for life. Ultimately, to keep them humble, responsible and respectful of what is out there.

Just as we want them to go to the best colleges, universities or technical schools to seek further education and make them experts in whatever career they choose to pursue, it should be no different with their recreational hobbies: Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Let’s give our kids the opportunity to educate themselves. There are many opportunities to do so from professional freediving courses, boating safety courses, first aid/CPR certification, survival courses, etc.

An easy way to get your kids to take these courses is to reach out to the parents of their friends. It wouldn’t be hard to convince them since it would be for their child’s well-being. I don’t know of any parent that doesn’t want the best for his or her son or daughter. I’ve had great success with my own Junior Freediver courses and I always invite the parents to join us during the academic portion (at not cost) to educate them on what their son or daughter will be doing. They feel relieved and happy to know what their kid will be doing. It also provides a great way to reconnect with you kids (in their adolescent years, this can be challenging) in a sport/hobbie that they love!

In conclusion, I think we owe it to our kids, the future of our sport, to sacrifice and invest in their future…. Because in reality, it’s our future too. Dive safe!

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